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Is it possible to lose weight without the agony of a diet that usually doesn’t cater to your taste buds?  After 25 years of failed attempts, having gone through all types of diets, reading hundreds of articles, magazines, and triumphant opinions, the majority (will not exaggerate and say all) of people who have succeeded for the long term have done it without a diet.  When we say “long-term” we mean losing the excess weight, staying healthy and not rebounding after completing your diet.

It is certainly easy, but it’s not instant.  You won’t snap your fingers or shake your magic wand and have instant results, just like you won’t make millions of dollars overnight (unless you’re lucky and win the lottery), and you certainly cannot win the marathon without running it.  But let us look at how you will make the best investment in your life, and let us go on a journey, not a race, where every single day you feel positive, energized, and above all, a sense of accomplishment, being a success, a winner and the reward is that everyone around you will recognize it and praise you for it—what a prize.

Most people want results without lifting a finger, they want to lose weight without moving off the sofa – usually planked in front of a flat screen, with bowls of snacks and plates of appetizers.  These are the people who say, “my diet starts tomorrow,” or “next week,” or “after this trip;” the same people who have a million excuses to do it another time because now is just not appropriate, and above all, the people who think, “I’ve done it before, so I can do it again whenever I want to.”

We have our priorities skewed and we are going about things the wrong way.  What seems to be the right path today is going to jeopardize your health and put your health at risk later.  The problem we are talking about here is losing weight, or obesity, and how most of us go dieting to solve that dilemma.  Don’t misunderstand, we will not discredit all diet plans out there and the success they have achieved with millions of people and perhaps you, but we must highlight the common denominators not only for success, but for failure as well.  It’s really quite simple. The success is all based on your conformity to limited consumption creating a negative calorie intake in comparison to the calorie output, or a negative energy balance.  Calories, or kilocalories (kcal) to be more precise, are the units of measure for the quantity of energy.  Your “energy balance” is simply the amount of calories you consume versus the calories you burn to perform any activity.  If they are equal, you will neither gain nor lose weight.  However, most people with the modern-day diet (or western diet) end up consuming more calories than they burn, causing a “positive energy balance,” and as a result your body stores the extra calories for later use.  On the other hand, when you consume less than you burn, you will have a “negative energy balance,” hence our body must turn to stored energy (adipose tissue, or fat cells) to compensate the missing energy requirements to keep us alive and perform our daily activities.  This is simply the common denominator for success in any diet plan, see how simple it is.

After a long and very strict diet, you almost always end up giving in to your cravings leading you to what is called an “eating disorder.”  There are only two proven reasons for any eating disorder: one of which is going on a strict diet plan, and the result of that is a blow-out, when you finish your diet, achieve a certain target, or simply fail to continue, you will eat everything you were craving without limitations on quantities.  Which basically means that from day one you are already setting up yourself to fail.  There are four types of eating disorders (but you can read about those in another article or on  The second reason for an eating disorder is lack of proper social support.  Believe it or not, nutrition counsellors are taught to recommend changing your social circles if they negatively impact your wellbeing.

It is about finding the right balance.  Everything in life should be done in adequate moderation.  You need to work, but not excessively hard because you will stress-out.  You should sleep well because it has an acute effect on your well-being, you should spend time with family, have time for yourself, exercise, create time for personal development, time to socialize, time for hobbies, and even some philanthropic work.  That may all sound too ideal, but if you exercise some time management, you will can do it.  You simply need a more active life, and a life full of activity; a life of style.  That’s the conclusion, you need a lifestyle alteration.

Notice with lifestyle alteration we did not speak about food and diet because your life shouldn’t revolve around food, and certainly food shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Meaning that you don’t need to spend your family time only at the table, go out only to restaurants to eat (with obviously wrong choices), you don’t need to eat because you’re stressed out, eat to celebrate, and you certainly shouldn’t eat what’s available to you because you don’t have time to prepare and make the right choices.  Like you need to fill your life with more activities, your body needs different types of foods to function properly.  Your brain needs to be nourished to perform better, your muscles need to be nourished to move you easily, your bones need to be nourished to keep you structured properly, and all your other organs need to be nourished to perform their functions properly, otherwise you will lead yourself to deficiencies in any part of your body which in turn will start performing poorly, ending up with a disease, and in most cases death.  Yes, death because most diseases are food related, and every activity and function you do requires every organ to be nourished properly, and that will only happen by finding your right “balance” for food.  So eating a lot of pasta, pizza, burgers, ice cream, and chocolate certainly won’t cut it.  You need to have sufficient amounts of proteins because they are the building blocks for everything in your body, you need healthy carbs from whole foods because they contain the vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals that help your organs function properly, and you need healthy fats for a lot of health beneficial reasons.

Your body requires a good variety of whole foods but only in moderate amounts.  Again, let’s re-iterate, your body needs only moderate amounts.  For example, all your Vitamin A requirements for the day (amount may vary slightly according to your physical properties) you need less than a quarter of a cup of chopped carrots; of course carrots are not the only source of vitamin A.  Also, this is not a recommendation for you to eat a quarter cup per day, this is only an example.  Another example, your meal requirements for protein can be limited to the size of your palm (for ladies) and twice the size of your palm (for gents).  There’s a flip side to lesser quantities, you get to eat more meals per day, up to six if you want, as long as they all give you the sum of your daily requirements.

Fast results are what everyone seeks, in reality that doesn’t exist.  You can drop a lot of weight in the first few days, but will most likely be water retention.  But here’s the beauty of it, as a heavy person (fat or muscular) you are burning more energy (or calories) than a lighter individual, which means you will lose weight more easily.  But you must acknowledge that you have to make a journey and embrace the time it will take because along the journey you will feel accomplishments, improvements, and above all you will feel better.  The best of it all is that you have changed your life and will continue living it that way, which is for the better, and you will never be going up and down with your weight and looks like a yoyo.  It is sure, it is absolute, and it is the only significant format for true success.

If you’re going to embark on this journey on your own, you must give some serious thought to the changes you want to make, consider things that you always wanted to do and never got to it, the improvements you want to accomplish, and start fitting all that into your life.  Alongside that, you need to find out more about your body, your health, your regiment requirements and start doing the math.  There are a handful of magazines, books, and websites to help guide you; all you need to do is engage yourself in yourself.  It may seem a bit hard at first, but all it needs is a little interest on your behalf.  Beyond reading the articles, there are a couple of software applications that may give you some support in doing some of the math, help you monitor your consumption, and even give you complete menu plans accordingly with your physical requirements, health requirements, or even personal taste.   There’s an abundance of apps available on your App Store or Google Play for your smartphones that will help you figure out your BMI (body mass index), your RDA (required daily allowance).  Apps that will help you count calories and nutrient value of foods, meals, and recipes.  You will find apps, books, eBooks, and websites that can give you meal ideas and menu plans suitably with specific diets.  Or you can simply choose one application that can do all that for you at

Another way to do it is to go to a dietician or a nutritional coach, who will sit with you one-to-one and customize a special plan for you, but you must make sure they do that and not pull something out of the drawer, which they hand out to everyone else.  We are all unique individuals and have our own specific measurements, abilities, ailments, and desires.  So either you are able to freely choose and customize yourself, or you have a professional do it for you.  The benefit of using a professional service such as is that you get a comprehensive service to assist you with your nutritional needs and planning, assistance with personal growth, education in nutrition, and above all a social support system and network that will be with you all the time, encouraging you, helping you feel good, and get praised for your success.

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