One Step to Weight Loss

We always search for the quickest, simplest route to weight loss and good health. Better if it is done one time without any pain and effort then the next time you look in the mirror or hop on the scale you see progress. We all want that one easy step. Well, it’s doable!

To achieve that, you need only two very simple things: First, be openly willing to understand new information, and by understand we don’t mean listen with one ear and let it out the other; but to listen and grasp the information, for a better life. Second, be ready to make only ONE solid decision that will change your entire life, to something much better than you have ever experienced before.

Let’s go back and discuss understanding. We need to read and understand more proper information about what we eat and how it affects us. But the first thing we need to understand is the element of time; it is undisputedly the most important factor. To understand more information, to move forward, to make progress, time is the most important element. I don’t want you to be discouraged, but more importantly I don’t want you to be fooled by the marketing gimmicks, the magical pill, or the quick fixes out there being sold to you for a lot more than what they are truly worth.

Let’s talk about time as small increments or baby steps, or better reference to an old proverb, “slowly but surely.” When you read a book, you read one chapter at a time; when you read a chapter, you read one page again at a time; when you read a page, you read one paragraph at a time; when you read a paragraph, you read one sentence at a time; and when you read a sentence, you read one word at a time. Ok, now you might say I read diagonally or half pages to get through it quickly. Well… There’s no augment there, but life is an experience, and you must comprehend that deeply, and you don’t want to skim through life. You want to experience it, you want to cherish it, and you want to enjoy it in the best possible way: in your best mind and health. To make sure the concept stuck to our minds, let’s make another simple analogy: going up the stairs. We can only climb the stairs one step at a time, and please don’t say I hop two steps at a time :).

Now let’s look at the second point, which is the only ONE true step to weight loss–the decision. Could there be only one decision to be made to change your whole life around, from obesity and disease to being healthy and fit. YES. It’s only one decision without being influenced from the seduction of media and the pressure of your peers. That decision is to: Change Your Palette. You must be thinking, “this guy is insane.”

Take a moment and think about it, whoever said that your treat has to be a Big Mac, fries, Coke, pizza, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, fudge cake brown, or any of these highly marketed foods. What makes them so good or so special, you ask; it’s the celebration. The way you treat yourself. Whoever said that? What makes them that special? You? Your friends or family? The advertising? Well, it’s all of that and the simple fact that most of these foods have one thing in common–sugar. Unfortunately, sugar has a drug-like effect on our brain which is addictive like heroin, but we’ll explain that in another article. For now, let’s look at these foods from the Sogol- behavioral aspect. Whatever made them so special? What did people do before franchise foods? Were they eating? Were they happy? Were they healthy? Were they enjoying?

Let’s be realistic, when you really want to treat yourself and go out for an elegant, fancy meal, are you going to a fast food chain? Or are you going to an award winning gastronomical restaurant, with an award-winning or well-recognized chef that creates foods whose tastes seduce your taste buds and are a divine experience to your senses. And what will they serve you, Quality or Quantity?

What sounds better: a burger combo with fries and a soft drink, or a fine cut of filet cooked to perfection with a side of exotic veggies and a glass of fine red wine. Seriously can you even compare? Fried fish, or piece of grilled salmon? Crispy fried chicken or roast turkey with a bit of gravy? The list goes on and on, and the most beautiful part is that it’s up to you. Your own suggestions and your own taste buds. Don’t think convenient, or quick solutions; rather think taste and selection.

Food is not a chore you have to get out of the way, it is not a burden because you may feel hungry, dizzy, or gives you a headache. Food is one of the most important elements in your journey of life. It is the experience that gently brushes all your senses. It is a part of your social life and sharing unforgettable experiences. It is the medicine that boosts your energy, your concentration, your well-being, your good mood, and your ability to spread goodness, happiness, and love. Remember, what goes around comes around.

Please remember that who really said all the of those franchise foods and the western diet plan are the good food, the food that makes you feel good, taste good, was working on a plan, selling you an idea. It’s an industry that has been promoted heavily and brilliantly. Unfortunately, they are not built on a healthy or nutritional diet format. You, your friends, and family are not on their mind in terms of health and well-being. They are after your money and they want you to keep coming back and that unfortunately means using food combinations that are hazardous to your health and well-being. What’s worse, we all know these are not palatable foods, they feed on the cravings that they’ve created in your mind, influencing you through good advertising.

Enlighten your senses, amplify your life by making good choices. Make your final decision today, and live better for the rest of your life. Choose the tasteful palette.

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